Please read these terms of service fully.

1. Your first membership payment will be taken on the date of your child’s first session, unless otherwise arranged.

2. There is no minimum membership term.  Your membership will continue automatically month by month.

3. Please see our fees pages for details.

4. Fees can be paid by cash, bank transfer or credit or debit card. (Please note credit card payments will incur a 5% surcharge and debit cards a 3% surcharge)

5. We guarantee that your fees will never increase, as long as you are continuously enrolled with us. If you stop tuition and then resume, the fees charged will be the then-current rate.
6. We will attempt to take the payment again. If the payment is still not received, we will contact you to arrange payment. If payment is not received by the time the next payment is due, you are breaking your contract, your membership will be put on hold and you could lose your place. We could refer missed payments to a debt collection agency and claim compensation from you for an amount equal to the total membership fees, including fees you owe for the notice period.

7. If you cannot attend a scheduled session, you may cancel or re-schedule the booking by calling 020 3034 5010 or email  If 24 hours’ notice is given, sessions can be ‘banked’ and re-scheduled at any time in the future. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, sessions can be re-scheduled within 7 days.  If no notice is given, or we are notified after the start time, the session will be lost. Refunds are not given.

8. Attendance during the holidays is optional. Simply let us know that your child will not be attending, and your session(s) will be banked. You can request a ‘payment holiday’ up to once every six months in order to use up banked sessions. During your payment holiday no membership fees will be taken. You must have four banked sessions in order to set up a payment holiday.

9. You may put your membership on hold if your child has a medical condition that prevents them from using our services. We will need to see proof of your medical condition, such as a doctor’s certificate. If your membership is put on hold during your minimum term, we will add the period your membership has been on hold to the end of your minimum term. Notice to end your membership cannot run if your membership is on hold.

10. You can end your membership by providing one calendar month’s written notice.  The membership payment will be taken as usual during the notice period.  You are responsible for making sure that we have received your written notice.

11. We reserve the right to charge up to £50 for the following:
•Letters about failed payments or referring debts to a collection agency
•Administering fees not paid by automatic payment
•Replacing lost membership cards
•Putting your membership on hold

12. Each student needs to undertake a minimum of two hours of lessons per week.

13. If lessons paid for in advance are missed due to any reason then the lesson missed must be made up in the same week otherwise that lesson cannot be retaken.

14. Think Smart Tuition accepts no liability for any personal property or injury to a person.

15. Fees may be changed and the services offered added to or withdrawn at any time. However, fees will not be varied during a course or other service in progress. At least one week advance notice will be given by the centre.

16. Think Smart Tuition reserves the right to cancel a course if it is under-subscribed. In this case a student may choose to attend another course or to receive a full refund of fees paid.

17. Students should be aware that they are attending a Think Smart Tuition course to study and are expected to behave responsibly at all times. Activity which could cause disturbance to other students or centre staff will result in instant dismissal from the course. In such case no refund of fees will be made.

18. Parents or guardians will accept full liability for any damage caused by the student to premises where courses are taught.

19. Terms of service come into effect upon enrolment.

20. In the interests of the student’s well-being whilst in the teacher’s care, the centre must be informed of any medical or other conditions affecting the Student.